*updated June 14,  2019*

Hey everyone!

Maestro Michael Troy, along with some inspired guitar playing by Jim Fagan, released (for now) the last of their classical
music inspired collaborative singles, with “Canon”!
This is a killer little piece!
Check it out at the Savage Bliss store!

-Savage Bliss-

*updated May 22, 2019*

Hello all!

Two YouTube updates to announce!

First, we would like to thank Rich and Kel Gafter for taking their precious time to review a few songs from our “Warning Signs” album, and we are overjoyed that they loved our work!
You can see the review here :   
Thanks guys, for being such good friends, and for the wonderful reviews!
Please folks, check out all the other reviews they do on their site, because they love life, and music, and we all need that!
Secondly,  Jim has released a little tutorial on the Savage Bliss YouTube page, showing how to play the solos in the title track from our album, “Warning Signs”!
You can jump right to it from our MEDIA page! 
Have fun with it! 

-Savage Bliss-

*updated February 13, 2019*

Jim Fagan has just released a new single of his scorching guitar version of Bach’s Toccatta and Fugue!

You have to hear this!

Head to the store page to download your own MP3, and for all the usual online resources!

-Savage Bliss-

*updated February 7, 2019*

Just a small but awesome update!

Maestro Michael Troy, and Jim Fagan have just released a new single, “Hail, Fortuna”.  ( click HERE to listen to it on YouTube)

It is a dark, edgy cover of the classic orchestral piece from Carl Orff, most commonly heard in the film “Excalibur”.

All the usual online streaming and digital options are up, but you can also head on over to the savagebliss.com/store page to get yourself your very own digital download mp3!

You will not regret it!

Until next time, Cheers!
-Savage Bliss-

*updated January 8, 2019*
Welcome back!
News from the bowels of Bullet Studios!
We’ve been under the radar for most of the 2nd half of 2018, busy with scraping together the beginnings of production on the new album, life events, busy personal schedules, etc. But, we’re back with some tasty updates to start off the year right!
So far, we’ve gotten to about 5 new tracks in their basic structures, and 2 of them are nearly finished.
We are compiling notes for lyrics, and working on our remote recording capabilities from each other’s locations, eliminating the time consuming need to constantly schedule in-studio time until it’s necessary to lay down proper final tracks.

We can also proudly announce that collaborating with us on a special instrumental track to appear on the album, are none other than the inhumanly amazing world reknown guitarists, Michael Angelo Batio, and Michael Fath!
Both have laid down their trademark solos in an amazing head cutting duel that just further solidify their place as two of the most revered rock and metal guitarists on the planet!
We are humbled by their willingness to work with us so closely on this project as they have, and their enthusiasm was inspiring.
We will be releasing this amazing track as a single, on all platforms in the weeks/months to come, as a precursor to Q4 of this year, as we begin the build up to the eventual release of our yet untitled 2nd album.
We also have some other big news and media updates coming in the nearer future we will update you soon, including some fun classical pieces that Jim Fagan and our resident keyboardist, Michael Troy have put together for a future release by Mister Troy , himself!

In the meantime, please visit both Michael Angelo Batio at www.handswithoutshadows.com, as he has a new album getting ready to release on RatPak Records this April, and Michael Fath at www.michaelfath.com, and his band Here Now and Forever at http://www.herenowforever.net as they prepare to release their full length album this summer!
Things are getting Savage!
Until next time, Cheers!
-Savage Bliss-

*updated June 24, 2018*

Hello Bliss-terites!
A few things to update you since we launched this page and our new album.
So far, the album has been very well recieved, thankfully!  The first batch of CDs from our release had gone right out the door, to some dear friends and family locally, and to a number of awesome people further out in our country, and to some corners of the globe!
We’ve had a review from Finland ( that we will post sometime in the near future) and some well recieved airplay by Pete Fry (FRYday Night with Fry! ) on some very cool online radio sources like Phillyrockradio.com, and  www.arfm.co.uk in the UK.
The online streaming presence has finally been a little more lively in some areas as well, but either way, let’s keep spreading the word of the Bliss, and if you haven’t picked up a copy of our new album “Warning Signs” yet, head to our “Store” page for all purchasing options!

Moving forward, we are looking to the end part of Summer/beginning of Fall 2018 to begin production on our first music video to accompany the album.
Of course, for right now, the song of choice and release date are to be determined, but we’ll let you know as soon as we get it figured out. Just be assured, it’s going to be an unmistakeable “Savage Bliss” experience!

And on the further horizon, being ever prolific, we have begun toying with putting together ideas for the next round of songs to start recording the next Savage Bliss album sometime next year 2019, and some of the surprises we already know we have in store, will leave you gasping for air, and some guest appearances that are “O.F.R.”, and more!

Lastly for this update, we’ve added some cool pictures on our Media page to check out for your meandering pleasure.
More to come on the media end as well, with some more pictures we’ve been sifting through, and Jim may be adding an instructional guitar video on some riffs and solos from the “Warning Signs” album, and possibly a little tour of more of the Bullet Productions studio and some of his gear and guitars.

Until next time, cheers, and keep it Savage!

*updated February 6, 2018*

Warning Signs Album Released!

The full-length debut album from Savage Bliss is finally here!

Years in the making, but worth the wait.

“Warning Signs” is a compendium of all new songs that detail the evolution of the band, while maintaining a consistency, power, and energy that a lot of albums lack at any stage of development.

From the immense orchestral intro, and the straight up the pipe juggernaut opener “Sin Of Man”, to the moody “Churn”, the deep and brooding “Storm”, to the ‘nu-metal’ tinge of “World Of Disarray”, and the Spartan, experimental chug of “Rush To Justice”, there’s a story to tell at every turn, and something for everyone throughout the entire album.

Head to the “Store” page and buy the CD today, and for all digital and streaming options!