The newest addition to the Savage Bliss line up, Gordon brings all the power, emotion and depth to the table as only he can.

Stemming from much the same background and influences as the rest of the band, Gordon’s style fit right in, and his ideas and contributions were as if he’d been with the band its whole life.

The light and shade, unleashed aggression and soulful reserve he imbues into each song on “Warning Signs”, forges their own unique character with everything always sounding alive and fresh with each new listen.

Gordon’s stellar work can also be heard on his own personal band, Images of Eden’s newest CD, “Soulrise”, as well as a long career contributing his amazing vocals to other bands projects, including a spot as the character “Roland” ,on legendary actor Christopher Lee’s 2nd metal album , “Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death”, which was the follow up to his previous album,“By The Sword and Cross”.

We are proud to have Gordon on board as another brother in the Bliss camp, and are looking forward to whatever may come next!



Founding member and guitarist for Savage Bliss, Jim had risen through the ranks as a guitarist and musician from his first and still foremost influences of Judas Priest, composer John Williams, Accept, Queen, The Beatles, and of course Glenn Tipton and KK Downing, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Matthias Jabs, and Wolf Hoffmann.

All of these influences, along with early classical teachings from his father, enabled Jim to cut out a unique voice of his own on guitar, with his style unmistakable, but proudly reminiscent of those influences.

His dedication to the instrument paid off early on in his career, as he won a state-wide guitar contest that gave him an early confidence, and notoriety to be able to pull together the best musicians to ultimately form what became Savage Bliss.

Along with Savage Bliss, Jim has also enjoyed working with other musicians and playing with local bands over the years, and having recently played with Cell 15 ( with Robert Scott of Hybrid Ice fame ), and a guest appearance on a new upcoming project with some of the members of the awesome Finnish metal band, Burning Point.

As he also works on some other smaller projects, the horizon is still always kept open, and Savage Bliss is always ready to pave new ground and new directions.


As the main rhythm and drive for the band, Joe’s duties recently also included primary recording and mixing engineer and producer for the band.

Along with Joe’s almost mechanical precision and power, and attention to detail on the drums, he has proven his ability to help steer the band in the studio and produce amazing results.

The new album’s successful results are directly born from Joe’s work in his own studio he built solely for the purpose of being able to record the album ourselves, rather than rely on other meddling hands and fingers, as is the norm in a lot of other bands’ cases.

This gave us an unparalleled ability to craft the album exactly as we saw fit, and the results speak for themselves!

Joe’s early beginnings were also rooted in rock and metal, but the influence his dad, a prominent Dixieland player from the 40s and 50s, had on him, cannot be denied. Those old school rhythms and musical structures really helped shape his unique outlook on how to approach creating interesting yet monstrous drum lines that still stay tight and in the pocket, no matter how fast or slow.



An acquaintance of Jims’ from the local music scene, Mike had been approached by Jim at the early onset of the making of the album, with the interest of adding select keyboard elements to the music, knowing Mike had the incredible skill needed to give it a more unique, and grander sound, befitting the overall larger, arena feel the music was developing into.

A few conversations on the material and it’s direction was as far as they got at first, as very soon after, Mike had landed the enviable gig as keyboardist for the legendary Swedish guitarist, Yngwie Malmsteen.

Due to Mike’s obligations to his new gig on the supporting world tour for Malmsteen’s “Perpetual Flame” album, and then recording keyboards on the following album “Angels Of Love”,  he was not able to continue working with Jim on the Savage Bliss project.

When time did finally allow Mike to come back into contact with Jim, the songs had gone through a few generations of mixes and additional musical elements that enabled Mike to really feel where keyboards would best fit, and are appropriate to the character of the songs, to which he agreed to come back and help add those elements to the project.

Mike was also very instrumental in providing a unique perspective on some additional changes to some of the songs, that brought out the full power and energy that some of the songs had been lacking prior.

We are also proud to call him brother, and look forward to working with him again in any capacity.